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Hampshire Tree Surgery service

Tree Surgeons & Tree Surgery in Hampshire

Providing tree surgery services and arboricultural advice throughout Hampshire and the South of England

  • Felling, dismantling
  • Pruning (crown reduction, thinning, lifting and pollarding)
  • Crown cleaning (removing deadwood)
  • Hedge cutting
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Tree sourcing and planting
  • Tree stock surveying and risk management
  • Tree disease identification, treatment and management
  • Tree survey, advice and reports: TPOs, planning, mortgage and land development
  • Logwood for sale

Arboricultural Service
From felling or pruning work on the largest trees to trimming and shaping the smallest hedge, in gardens large and small, we provide prompt, efficient and clean service.

Professional Accreditations

As well as being corporate members of the Arboricultural Association, we are also members of the following schemes:

Buy With Confidence CHAS Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
Pruning,trimming and shaping
Travelling throughout the South of England, we provide tree surgery services and general arboricultural advice to some of the busiest facilities management companies and leisure groups in the UK.
Expert advice in tree diesase
Working for some of the biggest housing groups in the South, we know that prompt, cost efficient and helpful service to your tenants is your most important aim.

Based in Basingstoke, we cover all major areas in the Hampshire area. Our tree surgeons have done work in Whitchurch and Winchester and we have customers from Alton as well as Andover. We also regularly visit Kingsclere for pruning and tree surgeon work.