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Happy New Year to one and all! 

January’s usually a bit of a grey month but we’re all delighted here that it’s been so mild and dry – these are perfect conditions for tree surgeons.  There are buds on virtually everything and the early Spring bulbs are up all over the place.  We even saw daffodils out last week!

In the spirit of waiting and anticipation of the warmer weather and bluer skies, here are a few pictures from Cordoba in Andalucia, where we spent a few days immediately after Christmas.  

Though the bitter and sweet orange trees dominate the streets of the old city, the gardens of the Alcazar Palace and the Mosque Cathedral with their stunning colours, there is a good variety of tree species all over this beautiful city.  

There is vastly increased tolerance for major decay in the street Spanish Plane trees here.  Even the oldest and most ravaged of trees are actively managed by regular pollarding, allowing their sculptural beauty, ghostly and sometimes rainbow-coloured bark and shade-providing green foliage to be seen, used and valued all over the city.  This approach is something we certainly could learn from here (we mean you, Sheffield Council).



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