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Company Registration: 3317821
VAT Registration: 689 25 33 88
Registered Office: South Building, Upper Farm, Wootton St. Lawrence, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG23 8PE
Address for Correspondence: Belvoir House, 78 Worting Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 8TP

It’s nearly the end of the year and as usual, we’re reflecting a little on 2018 and looking forward to all the possibilities offered by the New Year.

Small business life is exciting, challenging and hugely rewarding, especially if you particularly enjoy the work of providing a service, the foundation of what we’re all about.

There have been plenty of highs again this year, including new staff settling well into the team, new commercial and domestic customers finding their way to us, lots of positive feedback from clients, customers and partners old and new, new equipment and vans hard at work out on the road, and solid professional development and promotion of experienced team members who have been with us for some time.  

We have worked in some truly beautiful settings – check out the beautiful images of Upper Clatford below -  and the weather has been (mainly) kind to us so far this year!  We are all safe, sound and very pleased to be out there doing what we do best.

There have been also some challenges which have been properly head scratching at times.  Like so many of our peers, we have been the victims of repeated burglaries in the last 18 months, with the latest involving an attempted ramraid at our yard causing damage to buildings and equipment.  The thieves are organised, equipped and determined. 

The same kind of criminal people have repeatedly harassed an elderly (and, thankfully, indomitable) customer, claiming to have been sent by us.  Despite repeated reporting to the police, little action appears to have been taken, neither in regard to the fraudulent claims they make to be from our company nor, and more worryingly, the intimidation tactics they have used on her.

These may seem to be so-called “victimless crimes” but in reality, they put people, jobs and businesses at risk, and there currently seems little will or resource to investigate them thoroughly.  

We have a secret weapon though: Practical tree surgery requires a steady nerve, focus, resilience and grit – all the same qualities that it takes these days to run a small business!  So, as we go in to 2019, we are full of plans about how to build on our team’s fantastic capabilities and contribution and to minimise the impact of the hurdles so that we can drive forward the very best and most positive aspects of Primary Tree Surgeons Ltd.  

Thanks to all our customers in 2018.  We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and productive New Year.

For free advice, an informal chat or a quote for work to your trees and hedges, contact Andrew at, or call him on 01256 817369 or 07771 883061