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New York’s Cities and Parks Department recently published a figure that suggested they had calculated a benefit of $122m to the people of New York City from the trees there.  We have written previously about the enormous value of the biophillic effect caused by green trees and plants and of being out in nature, and of course, New York’s Central Park is well known of as the “lung” of that city.


Elsewhere, the news is not so good.  With thanks to Jeremy Barrell (Barrell Tree Care), the spotlight has fallen on Sheffield City Council, who are in the midst of a very large and seemingly indiscriminate programme programme of tree felling in the city.


In recent months more than 1000 trees have been felled, as part of a £2.2 billion 25 year contract which proposes to fell 18,000 trees!  Campaigners are on the case.


Many of the trees have been identified as having wider heritage and/or scientific value, to say nothing of the health and wellbeing benefits that have been well researched.  

Clearly, when trees are dead, dying or dangerous, pruning or felling works must sometimes be undertaken for the wider safety of people and property.  Sheffield City Council also use two further “Ds” to identify where works are required:  Discriminating trees, and Damaging trees – interesting terms and we will learn what they mean for a later blog post!

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